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LadyFisher - January 25, 2010

By popular request, there will be another Central Washington Fish-In! This one is set for May 13-14-15-16th, 2010 and will be held in Ephrata Washington, the same as the last few years. EVERYONE is welcome, if you read FAOL, you're invited!

Here's the place - The Oasis Park in Ephrata, Washington - great park owned and operated by the city.

Oasis Park

Our Great Leaders

This Fish-In was originally organized by "Linemender" - Cary Morlan (right) and (left) Steve Zweber - "Z". Here they are ready to fish Rocky Ford Creek. Actually they have been wonderful guides as well.

Map lakes & Rocky Ford

Looking at the map makes it easy to see why this region was picked. Rocky Ford Creek is a C&R barbless spring-creek fishery, with big trout - typical of the one lower in this page. There are several lakes close which have trout and panfish. Something for everyone!

JC and I were not the only people not camping last year, we stayed at the Best Western Rama Inn a mile toward town. Very nice, complimentary deluxe continental breakfast, microwave, frig, coffee pot (not to mention the indoor pool and Jacuzzi®) 509-754-7111. We stayed there again later in the summer, and recommend it highly! They have given us Special Rates so make sure you tell them you are with the FAOL Group!

The star of the Fish-In

As it is with all Fly Anglers OnLine events, there are no fees, no charges for this Fish-In. You are responsible for your own reservations (recommended at the Oasis Camp Ground and motel) food, transportation and license. Oasis has reserved an area just for the FAOL people, so when you make your reservation make sure you tell them you are part of the FAOL group. (It's more fun if everyone is in the same area.) The toll-free reservation phone number for Oasis is: 877-754-5102.

Saturday evening pot luck

A potluck is planned again for Saturday night after fishing, over the years we've had everything from oysters to dutch-oven desserts. The photo above only shows part of the group! Don't panic if you aren't able to cook something for the group, the local Safeway in Ephrata had lots of goodies!

If you'd like to fish one of the "pot hole lakes" for Lahotan trout or panfish, you can fish successfully from shore, or bring your PFD! Cary is scouting out a different lake for the folks who want to try a different place.

Here are Jonathan's (ffb) recommended flies for panfish on the lakes:
Dry Flies:

Wet Flies:

These are all the flies that I used last year with great success for bluegill, crappie, and even one yellow perch. Your standard trout flies, drys and nymphs, should work as well. ~ Jonathan Sherwin

The star of the Central Washington Fish-In is Rocky Ford Creek. This is public water, catch and release, fly only! It's famous for big rainbows - and everyone who attended last year DID catch fish!

Here is a partial list of flies for Rocky Ford Creek from "Z":

I do most of my fishing on the Ford with drys, and typically find a fish that is working the surface and float the fly over it. Some days an Adams works well, other times it's something else. I have noticed they prefer thin bodies and sparse hackle. ~ "Z"

Co-host Cary Morlan has sent his suggestions for flies for 'the ford', add these to your list:

My friend Z has pretty much covered all the basics for "The Ford." As for myself; I pretty much stick to dries. Good sight fishermen have tremendous success with scuds and nymphs. I would mention that it works best if your scuds are weighted. Bounce them along the bottom until just in front of the targeted fish and after a pause, a subtle lift in front of the nose generally prompts a gentle take. Scud fishermen will catch greater numbers of fish than I, but I am happy to put one fish on the bank a day after watching with knees knocking as that pig lifts his carcass off the bottom to sip my delicate little bugs.

Scuds are usually the only wets I fish and only when I am afraid of going home fishless. Yes, fear drives me to deviate from my patterns. I have tried buggers and streamers, and remain unconvinced that I can have any success with them, but that is me and my lack of willingness to try something I have no confidence in.

Dry flies, and the surface take, motivate me to spend countless hours casting over fish. I too like to look for working fish but have on many occasions, simply by being persistent, coaxed fish to rise to my offering. Frequently it is many casts over a fish, until I am fortunate enough to hit the dead drift that allows the fish to rise with the least effort, and accept my offering.

The flies I have the most success with are all small 18-22 and include:

The regulations have changed so it is now legal to fish droppers. All flies must be barbless and the local gendarmes have been known to stick flies in the sleeves of their sweaters to see if they snag when removed, so be sure of what you tie on.

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new. ~ Linemender

Reminder: The only nets allowed to use for landing fish at Rocky Ford Creek are knotless mesh.

This really is a fun time with a great bunch of folks. If you plan on attending, drop our system admin (Ron) a note and he'll put you on the CWFI '09 Going List!

I'm Going List for the FAOL CWFI 2010

The following people claim they will meet us at the Oasis Park, Ephrata, Washington.

We are looking forward to seeing you all! Let's go fish!

If you want to add your name to the list, email Ron (rtidd@flyanglersonline.com) please say CWFI '10, and include your home town and BB nickname.

~ LadyFisher

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