HOST Vicki Eagle Elk

Vicki Eagle Elk

When I was growing up I loved to fish. My family went fishing quite a bit, and I can remember going cat fishing at a farmers pond, fishing for trout in streams and rivers, and trout and bass fishing at the lakes. All of this was with my family when I was younger.

I also remember my grandpa taking me fishing and when I became an adult if I heard that my Grandpa and uncles were going to Rife Lake or somewhere I could get to on my days off, I would take off in my car and go fishing with them. I'm glad I did, because my Dad and my Grandpa have both passed away now and I no longer have the opportunity to fish with them...of course none of them fly fished so neither did I.

I had wanted to learn for many years but still never met anyone who knew how and I was busy working, although I still managed to go trout, bass, salmon, and halibut fishing on occasion with friends, just not with a fly.

About 6 years ago my husband Ron picked fly fishing up again and I asked him if he would teach me...well, he did and he got me a rod and reel etc. for my birthday and I've been hooked ever since! I've got about 5 different rods now (recently I'm getting into the two handed fly rods).

I have my own vise and love tying and we also recently bought a couple of pontoon boats which open up a lot more opportunities to fish a wider variety of water. So now I'm bass fishing again (yeah)!

I'm really lucky, we have such a variety of water in Washington, big rivers to small streams, small to large lakes, salt water etc.. and everything from rain forrest to desert. And even more importantly, I have the best fishing partner you could ask for, my husband Ron. We have a blast, and we've met some really wonderful people.

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