HOST Charlaine C.

Charlaine Cadence Nordin was born in December of the 1970’s in Providence Rhode Island, to a military family. She grew up in many places but always came back to Rhode island. Charlaine always wanted to learn to fly fish after being told that it was far too hard; in her youthful mind if goofy could do it so could she. Charlaine didn’t get her first real fly rod till 1986 when she found an old convertible kit in a yard sale for 5 dollars. She tried it many times but like goofy ended up in tangles. As Charlaine got older the rod was lost in one of her many moves and her fishing became bait chucking, but she never forgot about wanting to learn to fly fish

Charlaine joined the military and served a number of years dealing with the hardships of war and the pain caused by the after affects. Her injuries included traumatic brain injury, severe depression, other war related injuries, and PTSD. Charlaine wanted a means to deal with it and forget at times the atrocities of war.   Always intimidated yet interested in fly tying thanks to M.A.S.H and her stent in the scouts, it wasn't until after it was suggested to use tying as a means to help her learn to deal with her PTSD that she obtained a kit called "pocket fly tying kit" by Labrador outdoors. Basically this kit was a alligator clip on sturdy wire in a small wooden block, some thread, feathers and chenille, and a hook. The book that came with the kit showed how to tie a very basic wet fly.  Well the fly came out horrid and ugly but she was happy, and hungry for more information. It was in her search for this information she discovered FAOL. 

In the short time she has tied flies, Charlaine has grown immensely in skill and confidence thanks to the many wonderful people she has met through Fly Anglers Online.  Her passion to learn as well as to teach allows her to grow more and more each day.  She currently Lives in Rhode Island  with her father who she helps care for along with her fishing companion Noah (her weenie dog), her 6 rats, 1 cat, and her 27 tarantulas.

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