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A Special Welcome To Our International Friends!

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The "Original Fly Angler"

The room is hosted by real fly-fishers.

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Enjoy the Anglers Hut! It's for you!

Current FAOL Host Schedule - Hosts Needed - To apply contact Ladyfisher
Day 7 - 8 Eastern
4 - 5 Pacific
8 - 9 Eastern
5 - 6 Pacific
9 - 10 Eastern
6 - 7 Pacific
10 - 11 Eastern
7 -8 Pacific
11 - 12 Eastern
8 - 9 Pacific
Monday No Host QC DanBob DanBob No Host
Tuesday Ray Ray No Host No Host No Host
Wednesday Biot Midge Biot Midge Vicki Eagle Elk Vicki Eagle Elk No Host
Thursday No Host No Host QC QC No Host
Friday Antron Midge Antron Midge CharlaineC CharlaineC No Host
Saturday No Host No Host REE REE No Host
Sunday CharlaineC CharlaineC Denny Denny CharlaineC

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