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Catch and Release Knot
(Wind Knot)

By James Castwell

'Most common', that would be a good description of this knot. It is used by every fly-fisher at least some time in their career. Those new to the sport often use it most frequently, actually without even being aware they are.

The 'True Sportsman,' however mostly uses it on breezy days when casting a dry fly into the wind, or fishing a nymph on an unbalanced leader. The 'C&R' knot is a sure-fire method of giving a fish a better than even chance of disconnecting before the game is over.

One-hundred percent of fly-fishers also call it the 'Wind Knot,' but this is incorrect as it is found by many on dead calm days. Ergo, a poor name, although the wind can be a factor at times.

This simple knot has the singular ability to reduce the strength of any given piece of leader or tippet by fifty-percent, quite a remarkable feat. Few, if any can claim that quality.

When the grizzled old-timer, having enjoyed all he can stand of fish after fish, is weary of bending over to remove the things, he will delicately apply this knot to his tippet instead of changing down a few sizes, thereby giving him the immediate 'Catch and Release Knot' leader. Guaranteed to save the time and tedium of fiddling with exhausted fishes.

This does result in the lose of many flies, but at the end of the day, what the heck, they are a mess anyhow. And besides, tying new ones is fun, and the fish seems to enjoy the event.

I have heard it referred to as an over-hand knot. These are offhanded comments and I feel are an underhanded way of re-naming a well known knot. As it is tied 'by-hand, that may be more in line for a new name, if any need be.

So, my fellow tyros and tyretts, all seriousness aside, you now have all the knots you will ever really need, except the few I left out, such as the nail-knot, bolt-knot, screw-knot etc. There are many who would attempt to have you believe other knots are worth the time and effort to learn, remember and use. "Balderdash," Take those little gadgets you bought for tying obscure knots like the blood-knot, turle-knot, pal-o-mine knot, and such. If the little gadget will not open a beverage can, fling it out (not in a stream or lake) and rejoice, you are in control, liberated, in charge of your destiny.

Now you too can tie one on! ~ J. Castwell

Catch and Release Knot

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