Well, I took the yak out for the first time today, in the Banana River. A buddy loaned me a Wilderness Freedom 15 to use, and it was the first time in a kayak.
1. Got there before sunrise, got ate up by no-see-um's.
2. Put the yak in the water, drug it out far enough to float, no-see-um's followed me for breakfast.
3. Managed to get in the yak without flipping.
4. Paddled a while to get used to the yak, dropped the paddle overboard when I thought I was going to flip.Had the paddle on a leash, so one disaster averted!
5. Got the hang of it, and started looking for fish, made sure I stayed in water shallow enough to get back in if I flipped.
6. Tried flyfishing out of the yak, not too bad, but thought I would do better if I waded.
7. Got out of the yak, started casting a #2 olive foam popper. Had a fish on in 3 casts. 1st jump, saw it was a small Ladyfish. Had to try and get the fish in and keep the yak close, as I didn't bring an anchor.
8. Before I could land the fish, my Winston Ibis broke just above the ferrule.
9. Landed the fish, put the rod in the yak, cause I neglected to bring a spare, paddled back to the truck, loaded up, sent the rod back to be fixed, and I will be back out there in the morning!