Hi eberyone,

I just picked up a gorgeous Montague Clipper off of eBay. It literally looks unused. Wraps are perfect, no stains on the cork. Well, it looks unused except for one ferrule that is split, and another that is completely loose (but not split).

I'm still negotiating with the seller, as it was listed as Mint/Unused, which it obviously isn't. If I decide to keep it though, I need to replace the ferrules.

I'm not a rod builder, and have never tried to repair a rod, but may take a shot on this one depending on what I learn here.

The ferrules are pinned.

So here's a couple of questions:

Should I seek out original Montague Ferrules for this rod, or replace them with a modern alternative? I plan to fish this rod, and based on what I've read, I don't believe this rod to be anything special regarding value and collectability, so I'm not so concerned with keeping it historically correct. It seems a little foolish to replace a ferrule with another of the same when they're notorious for failing.

Speaking of collectability, can anyone tell me a little about the Clipper model?

Who are some good contacts online to source the ferrules?

Can the ferrules just be removed and replaced, or does the rod have to be rewrapped as well? (I'm speaking of the wraps at the top of each ferrule)

Is there anyone on the board here interested in doing this work for me should I decide not to tackle it myself? (Please PM me)

I appreciate any and all advice/information.