Somewhere in the transfer of the database, all of my posts were lost. Here is the replacement of the NQE swap as previously posted. Use this thread as a communcation area until the old swap is (hopefully) replaced. Thanks bassman for the backup here.

Let's do a swap based on the FAOL not quite entomology series.
Here's a link if you need it. ... chive.html

I would like each swapper to pick one category from the series
(i.e. sedges, stones, etc.) and tie a fly that represents it
during any of its stages of life. Please no duplicate categories.
Let's try to get as many representatives here as we can.
Please pick your category when you sign up. I will hold off and
tie something from whatever categories are left after signups
are completed. If all goes well, we should be able to end up with
a pretty decent variety of flies that cover a fair spectrum of the
trout's food sources.

Limit will be 13 swappers, including the swapmeister.
Deadline for signup will be on July 21. Each swapper should send 12
flies (13 if you want one of your own back) to me by August 21 with
proper return postage and packaging, a crushproof container, and

1. ol' blue - tiny winter blacks - tiny miracle - completed
2. bassman--Grannom--Cased Caddis--RECEIVED
3. HMD - chironomid - RECEIVED
4. Ron Eagle Elk - ant - RECEIVED
5. TerryB - midge - RECEIVED
6. BadBug - BWO - RECEIVED
7. Fenam - Japanese beetle - RECEIVED
8. CJR - march brown
9. fish4trout - isonychias - RECEIVED
10. DianeID - Callibaetis - RECEIVED
11. Wrangler - scud - RECEIVED
12. essobee - trico - RECEIVED
13. Bob Williams - stonefly - RECEIVED

PHOTOS ARE COMPLETE: ... r=/93f4re2