(posted this in a wrong place earlier ... maybe I'll get the hang of this new board soon!)

A few days ago a friend bought himself a 15' Grumman "Sportboat". Since he has not yet acquired a small outboard motor for it, we saddled it with my 3hp Evinrude and headed on over to the Waccamaw River, which starts in North Carolina and crosses the state border in to South Carolina and becomes a sizeable river.

Really impressed with this boat. Weighs in at a little over 100lbs (112 say the specs), which the two of us had no problems loading and unloading on the roof of his GMC Envoy. The best part was how well this boat manuvered and the little three pushed it right along. Specs for the boat say it will handle up to a 7hp outboard. The boat is well constructed and overall, just a good looking fishing boat! In trying out some different features of the baot, standing up and fly casting was no problem.

A tad on the expensive side as far as small boats go, but vey well constructed and finished off; and Grumman has an endurance reputation all it's own!