This Swap is now filled.

Okay, Boys and Girls, fall is here and those winter shack nasties are about to hit those of us that don't fish year round. The only thing that keeps the nasties away is tying flies. Heck, if we can't fish, the least we can do is tie some flies to fill the fly boxes, right?

Here's the deal on the swap. The limit is twelve beginner tiers. That is, those who have been tying for 18 months or less. I won't be a swap member, but will tie a bonus fly for each phase of the swap.

Did you catch that, each phase of the swap. This is a looooong one.There will be a set of flies due at the end of October, November, January, February, March and April. Notice, there are no swap flies due in December. A lot of folks get real busy during that month so we'll take a little break and tie just one fly for...are you ready for this...a beginners tying contest, with prizes. Yup, everyone who signs up for the swap will tie one fly to be submitted and judged by an independent panel of judges. Theme of the contest to be announced later.

The flies for the swap will be:

October - Nymphs. Yup, pick any nymph that you have tied in the past or want to tie and let 'er rip.

November - Wet flies, either soft hackles or classic winged wets.

December - Tying Contest, one fly only.

January - Streamers, nothing like a streamer to pull those big trout off the bottom, or fool that bass into making a strike.

February - Dry Flies. Classic dry fly patterns, no they don't have to be Catskill dries.

March - Terrestrial, your basic ants, hoppers, beetles, bees, etc.

April - Cripples and Emergers.

This type of swap requires more commitment than an ordianry swap. This one runs all winter long, and if you sign up, your expected to complete the swap unless there is a dire emergency.

If we have more than 12 folks interested, I will start a waiting list in case someone has an emergency that forces them to drop out.

Swappers are responsible for getting their flies in by the last day of each month. That's not an in the mail date, but an in my hand date. Flies need to be mailed in a crush proof container (I find those little tins that Altoids come in work very well) with your name and address securly attached to the container. Flies must be toe tagged with the name of the fly and your name and "handle". If you want to include the recipe on the toe tag, that's fine with me. Include a return envelope with postage attached or a coule of bucks to cover postage.

Sign up will run till October 10th, or we have 12 people signed up.

Please make sure I have a current e-mail address for you as I don't like to take up a lot of room on the board. You can e-mail me at Put FAOL Beginners Swap on the subject line so I don't trash it.

Now then, lets get busy, sign up for this bad boy, and get to tyin'.

Ron Eagle Elk
8717 Whitewood Loop SE
Yelm, WA 98597

1. Rangerman - .
2. FTroop7 - Excused for the month.
3. Mike K - No Show.
4. Doug from BC - Emerger/cripples are in.
5. Danbob - Emerger/Cripples are in.
6. BigFlatBrook - .
8. pafisherman - .
8. Okie Noodler - .
9. LeftHandedBrain - .
10. Buckeyetier- Emerger/cripples are in
11. Fishnfool9 - .

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