There's been a bit of punch yarn fever stirred up lately, so we need a swap to cover it. Here it is. Limited to 12 tyers plus myself. Sign up closes April 19. Everyone submit 12 (uh, make that 10) flies of their pattern utilizing punch embroidery yarn. Include your flies, return packaging with postage, and a crushproof container. Have your flies TO ME by May 15. Don't wait until May 13 to ship your flies. If they are late, I will return them.
I hope everyone enjoys this one. If you need inspiration, Al Campbell's Too Simple patterns in his 2004 archives might be a good starting point. I will send shipping info as soon as everyone is signed up.

1. ol' blue - modified beadhead PTN, tan and olive nymph - COMPLETE
2. Kahuna - mudbug - RECEIVED
3. DieKatze - too simple PMD nymph - RECEIVED
4. Jack Hise - too simple caddis - RECEIVED
5. white43 - yarn 'n' copper - RECEIVED
6. idabelangler - punch yarn soft hackle
7. panman - gloss back bug - RECEIVED
8. GQualls - bugger - RECEIVED
9. bassman - too simple mayfly dry - RECEIVED
10.cholcomb13 - tbd - RECEIVED
11.Thwack - stimulator - RECEIVED

CLOSED! Only 10 of each fly is required from each swapper.

Pictures are done! [url=]PUNCH YARN SWAP[/url:ad09d]

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