*****SWAP IS FULL!!*****

wet flies tied with wing quill segments like mallard or turkey. i dont care if youre an old pro, or if this is your first time tying this style of wet fly. traditional patterns or your own variations.

lets say 10 tyers total, 9 + me. signup deadline by january 31, flies to me by march 15. this will give everyone time to tie some really nice flies, and i can get them back out by most everyone's "opening day".

[edited to add]everyone ties 11 flies so we all get a complete set back.[/edit]

the next post will be a list of whos tying and what.

toe tags and SASE as usual. please post recipes on the board for all to see. i will take pictures for posting at the end of the swap.

ready? GO!

Everyone dies. Only the lucky ever truly Live. Take your time.

Chris-Bishop, CA, USA

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