I posed a question before Christmas about interest in a material swap and the response was positive. So -- ta da: Here it is!

Now, hopefully the rules and guidelines are clear. However, if you have any question, by all means, contact me as soon as you can because I don't want anyone to get all fouled up.

So,here we go.
Limit - 10 swappers(including myself)
Sign-up date - By Sunday, January 22
Shipping due date - Materials should be in my hands by Tuesday,February 28th(gives everyone plenty of time to gather, package and ship materials)

Assuming a full complement of swappers, each person sends in 9 separate packages, 1 for each of the other participants. Each package may contain the same materials or roughly an equal value(you determine) of different materials. For example, I include among other stuff, 5 packs of beaver dubbing in one package but 5 packs of rabbit dubbing in another. Another example would be a pack of pheasant tail feathers in one package and some chenille in another. You get the idea. Just try and imagine equal quantity or quality($) in each package. Each package should be in a bag(zip lock or other), with a label listing the contents and your name. Please identify what's in each pack. For example if you include a bag of several pieces of hair write on the back of each piece what it is: deer, moose, elk, caribou, etc. if you know.

The packages will be redistributed so that everyone receives one package from each of the other participants(total of 9) and mailed out right after the 'Due Date'.

Since we won't know the size or weight of packages that will be returned, I'm asking that participants include $4.00 to pay for US Priority Mail. This way the post office provides the boxes and you'll get your box faster.

Again, if you have any questions please ask so you're comfortable with being involved, especially before signing on.

Oh, do not describe what you'll be sending in. Everyone can look forward to being totally surprised. I'll post my addy when the swap is full or the deadline, whichever comes first.

List and status of swappers:

myself(tyeflies) - completed
fish'n Nick
ny angler
Mike Popick
gqualls - rec'd
Grn Mt Man - rec'd


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