No commitment at this time. Just checking to see interest. This is about how it'll go, if say it's a ten(10) person swap:

Each person sends in 9 separate packages, 1 for each of the other participants. Each one contains about the same material(s) OR rough value you'd place on the materials. For example, I include, among other stuff, 5 packs of beaver dubbing in one package but 5 packs of rabbit dubbing in another. Another example would be a pack of pheasant tail feathers in one package and some chenille in another. You get the idea. Just roughly equal packages. Each package should be in a bag(zip lock or other), with a label listing the contents and your name.

The packages will be redistributed so that everyone receives one package from each of the other participants(total of 9) and mailed out right after the 'Due Date'.

So, if you're interested please just post a response or a question if you have one. Again, this IS NOT a sign-up. It is just to see if there's interest. If there is sufficient interest, I will post an announcement about this swap sometime in January.

Merry Christmas all.