*****SWAP IS FULL*****

all my swap obligations are complete and life just ain't right w/out one.

so I would like to host one more swap before the fishing season hits full force.

let's see yer favorite attractor dry fly...stimis, humpies, wulffs royal or otherwise.

I'd like to limit this to twelve swappers (including myself) and have a deadline of may 20th.

first 11 to respond here are in.


mgj - blackwater doublewing *complete*
sdh - parachute hare's ear *recieved*
essobee - f-100 *recieved*
roy - avon special *recieved*
mike popick - double humpy *recieved*
cctyer - turck's tarantula *recieved*
shuured - yellow humpy *recieved*
g-man - renegade *recieved*
k gilroy - stimi *received*
biot midge - lime trude *recieved*
feenom - peacock trude *recieved*
badbug - wright's royal *recieved*

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