The guidelines are 2 different flies either: dry, wet, nymph, or streamer used mainly for catching those picky brookies. I will be taking up to 6 tyers including me. The due date for the flies to be in will be Feb. 28th and the due date to sign up be around the 10th of Feb.

Any questions or concerns you can e-mail me at goulding04@yahoo.com

1. DRG04- parachute hares ear/ soft hackle
2. Panman- Gray Coachman/Peacock & Teal dry
3. Salovin- Red Humpy/Mr. Simpson
4. CJR- Lighting bugs/black nose daces
5. Feenom- lime trude/ adams variant
6. Tyflier- Griffiths gnat/ hair-wing coachman

Thanx and tight lines,
Doug Goulding

Doug Goulding
102 Mann Hill Rd
Scituate MA, 02066.

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