Hey folks though I would post this for all of you Kings River trout hunters. I will start with the bad news, the river is still blowing out and Im sure its above 1700 cfs. The good news is the river has created alot of back eddys and side channels that the fish are holding in.

I fished all day Thursday and had a 20 fish day mostly rainbows a few topping out at 14-15 inces, browns and one nice brookie. Temp was probably in the high 70's clear skies and lots of mosquitoes. The fly of choice that day was hopper/stimi with a beadhead squirrel tail. Most of the fish taken on the hopper.

Friday spent a half day and caught 7 with plenty of takes. Mostly browns that day with some nice rainbows thrown in. The flies were the same as Thursday. The campgrounds were packed but not alot of fishing pressure. I fished all of the water that was off of the main river and had great success. Take care and good luck.