June 15, 2005

Greetings from The Fly Factory on the Banks of the AuSable in uptown Grayling,

Here is the outlook for the coming weekend, and more news from the North:

6/15 HEX!! PLUS BROWN DRAKES, MAHOGANY DRAKES, SULPHURS, BIG GOLDEN STONEFLIES AND MORE! Hex flies showed up on the pond above Graylng Thursday night 6/9 [photo posted on the HatchLine/River Conditions page at TroutBums.com]. We've had a couple of nights with decent Hex hatches on the upper AuSable near Grayling. The Hex are also coming on above the Mio dam pond and will be showing up quickly on all of the warmer stream sections. A brief cool down, into the mid-60's, on Wed-Thurs [6/15-16], is to be followed by by another warm-up, into the 70's and then 80's by the end of the weekend and into next week. Brown drakes [#10-12] have spread through the river system [plus Mahogany Drakes and Grey Drakes]; still some drake hatches on the cooler river sections with spinner falls elsewhere. We're still seeing decent numbers of sulphurs [#16] on some stream sections. Also, decent numbers of Stenonemas (March Browns [#12] and Light Cahills [#12-14]) are on plus the big Golden Sto!
neflies [#8] that can bring a bigger brown the suface when skittered out of a shaded deep hole or along log jams and cover. The streams are in good shape, though "popcorn" thunderstorms popped up regularly during the just ended stretch of very hot & humid weather and the stream levels are up a little, though they drop & clear rapidly. Water temps have been consistently hitting the 60's [and higher in some areas]. After a long stretch of hot, muggy weather with regular shots of thunder-boomers and rain, we are in for brief cool-down followed by a gradual warm up. The forecast calls for temps in the mid 60's Thursday, warming into the 70's late in the week and then on into the 80's by Sunday and into next week. More stream conditions & hatch information are on the River Conditions / HatchLine page at TroutBums.com [url=http://www.troutbums.com/HatchLine/:15b8b]http://www.troutbums.com/HatchLine/[/url:15b8b]