Met "Maddog" Mike at the Coffee Cup in Mnt. Home this morning at 7:45AM. They were running 2 generators at Bull Shoals Dam and none at Norfork. So we stopped by Dale Fulton's fly shop on the way over to Norfork. Used the handicapped access and waded upstream into the C&R area. We finally found some trout up there and both caught several, including a couple of nice Rainbows worth photographing. But neither of us had a camera. Then the fish up there just seemed to turn off. So we headed downstream below the handicapped access and got into a really nice hole that yielded several more fish apiece.

I caught my first fish of the day on a Crackleback fished dry, but the flies of the day were little beadhead midge patterns. I also caught one fish on my UV Scud just to see if it would work there too.

Then it notice other than a fella at the landing hollering "Water's On!" We got caught out in the middle of the stream when the wall of water hit. I went down like someone had just chop-blocked me in a football game. I got my legs headed downstream, checked the depth, and made on valiant effort to regain my feet. It worked! We then struggled for the shore on the opposite side of the access...the inside of the bend...with a big "No Trespassing" sign hung on a tree by the water line. Who cares? Call the cops! I was completely winded by the time I made it to shore. Mike wasn't as far out in the river as I was. He kept his feet, although I don't know how. We waited there a bit sitting on a big rock. Then a few boats motored up the river past our position. When the first one drifted back down I asked if they'd ferry us across. They graciously agreed to give us a lift. Thank goodness!

Folks, I've heard for years that the Norfork can be quite dangerous. I just figured it was like everywhere else and the talk was just hype. I'm lucky I'm hear to tell you it is true. You've really gotta stay aware of what's happening on that little River.

Fishing the Ozarks