I spent last Wed. afternoon (2:30-5:30) on my third expedition in search of trout. It being my second time fishing the Oconaluftee I figured that I would have an easier time.
A spin fisherman with me picked up 4 rainbows including one that went about 13". He released it at his feet while reeling it in .

I jumped two while swinging an olive/black beadhead woolly booger.

For use to other flyfishers

I turned some rocks and found the following:

Many cased caddis larve #16, #18
A caseless caddis
similar to a green rockroller(?) #14
Many dark brown clinger nymphs #16, #18
Larger clinger nymphs (Stenonema ithaca?) #14
I also found shucks on rocks that could have been from these.
A Golden Stonefly nymph #12 3xl
A Giant Stonefly nymph #8 3xl
A crayfish approx. 2 inches long

The trip was great, though lacking in fish.
I enjoyed it very much and hope to do better next year.