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I just got off a live chat with the E-Bay folks after someone made a bid on an item with my account information. I tried to get the E-Bay folks to check into this problem, but they said there was nothing they could do. I urge all of you to be cautious and keep a close check on your E-Bay account! I have not looked at my account for several days and was surprised to find a bid on a wristwatch, as well as several other items being placed on my "Watch" list. No one but me is supposed to know my account information, so I have no idea what has happened. Since E-Bay would not attempt to resolve the issue, I had no choice but to cancel my account with them. No more buying fly fishing tackle through E-Bay for me now. I'm not pleased to be unable to use E-Bay, but I feel I must protect myself from fraud.
I urge each of you to keep a close eye on your accounts, if you have any with E-Bay. Something strange may be going on there! If you do have something strange happen, I hope you have better luck getting it resolved than what I did.