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Anyway, I don't advocate for one foot long tippets off thread leaders for dries or two inch tippets off bright orange leaders for nymphing - but I do advocate for experimenting.

Last time out, I was using an FEB Salmonfly dry to nymph with a small dropper. The dry was tied just over 3 inches from the tippet ring on a light colored thread furled leader.

So today, when I started fishing, I decided to do some of that experimenting, and fished the FEB Salmonfly as described above - 3" from the tippet ring.

Well, holy moly, first cast a small trout hit the fly. Several hits by small fishies on the pointless fly and then a solid tug by a larger fish. Over about an hour experimenting with this set up, had about eight small fish and half a dozen mature fish hit the fly. Only a few held on much longer than a few seconds, but the largest one ( looked to be in the 16-17" range ) held on for 10-15 seconds before going bye-bye.

Like I said, holy moly - whatever that actually means.