Channel Cats...they like Woolly Buggers. Stopped at a lake on my way to the Missouri River. Missed a strike, so threw right back in the same spot:

Caught some bluegills and a green sunfish too. Saw some huge Bighead Carp. Tried landing flies in their suction zone as they fed on luck.
Went to the river to fish off the channelization rocks. Waded through a lotta poison ivy in the woods along the river. Had long pants on.

Got out on the rocks. MO River rising! Don't get stranded out there!

Saw Silver and Bighead Carp, Grass Carp, Common Carp, and gar. Typical MO fish. Got a couple Shortnose Gar to eat the fly, and one Grass Carp.
Saw this as I was leaving.:

Wasn't sure what it was...thought it looked like a canine, but wasn't as big as I'd expect for a fox or average dog, and a longer snout... Looked it up when I got home....Oppossum!
Went to the creek next. I started fishing my way downstream...I didn't get as far as I wanted to go...The 95 degree temps were getting to me, and my feet were sore from my hikes. Gave it up in short order, but not before I saw this very small (~10"?) gar trying to eat a fish it had caught that looked to big for it to swallow.

Caught a gar and 2 more Grass Carp and had a couple rush the indicator and try to eat it.