Didn't think I'd make it out flyfishing this weekend...but turns out I DID manage to go!

Broke my record of catching 13 grass carp in one day (twice), by catching 14 today!

Started off good, with a Grassie on my first cast. Then no more for an hour-and-a-half. Then a third an hour after that. And a fourth over an hour later. Considered packing it in. Then fishing finally heated up, with 5 in the next hour. And 5 in the final hour. Those last 2 hours were on a section I hadn't fished before, might be why it was so good. I'm at 85 for the year so far, 106 lifetime Grass Carp on fly.

Also caught a nice Goldeye:

And a nice Channel Catfish. I measured it at 23", but it sure looked a lot longer than that.

Also caught a bluegill, lost some other grassies, including one big one, and lost a longnose gar at the net.