Marco, I read your kind words on page one of this thread, and they are truly appreciated. Vickie (VEE) and I moved to Maine almost three years ago to be close to our Grandson, who just turned 9. Since Covid reared it's ugly head we (VEE) have been home schooling him. VEE teaches the three R's, I teach him to use tools, garden and to shoot. He's been fishing with us a couple times, but gets bored. Part of that instant gratification thing. If he ever hooks a fish though, he'll be a fan. Like others, I too, miss the fellowship we all used to share on FAOL. A lot of my friends I have never met face to face, but only on the BB and Chatroom. Like some of the "Old Guard" I have drifted. I was a site admin on another fly fishing site, but had to give it up when my eyesight started to fail. I still check that site daily because it's a very narrow band of fly fishing, wet flies, flymphs and just recently, nymphs. Just my style. About seven years ago I helped Jim Slattery out by working his fly shop on the Madison for the summer. Les Young, one of the old guard, stopped in the shop to buy some hackle, and we had a chance to chat a bit. That was one of the better summers of my life. My computer time is limited due to the cataract, but Ill stop in from time to time to say howdy. Until then, tight lines and best fishes to all.