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Still a bit early here as well. I made it out for a couple hours yesterday. Caught a nice black crappie in a lake that's never held crappie before to my knowledge which was interesting, and missed a couple others. Caught one greenie and a couple of medium sized 'gills. A second lake holds some big channel cats; I saw one prowling that looked like it would go 18-20" but I was fishing a little glass 4wt and wasn't sure I wanted him so I let him move on. I did take several nice 'gills...

Excellent! Sounds like you had an enjoyable day of fishing!
I tell you...I struggled yesterday. Went to 5 different waters, probably travelled a good 100+ miles....got skunked at 3 places, scraped together a half-dozen small crappies at one spot, then the very last spot finally produced a mix of decent fish. Saved the day, for sure.