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Thanks Mark! Appreciate the response. I have fished in Hancock before. Mostly East of there in and around Roscoe. I am curious about State College PA. I read there are land locked Salmon nearby. Is that right? I would love to check that out.
It's a bit far but would be fun.
There are a lot of places to fish around State College, including Spring Creek, Big Fishing Creek near Lamar, Penns Creek, The Little Juniata, and others. I?ve never heard of any Landlocked Salmon in that area, or anywhere in PA for that matter, other than perhaps someone putting some in a Lake Erie trib at one time or another. And there may have been some put in the Reservoir going up the Seven Mountains north of Lewistown at one time, but I?m not sure of that. There?s also the Lehigh River much closer to the Poconos to consider, plus many other places that you could consider. (And don?t forget the East Branch and Main Delaware in addition to the West Branch already mentioned.)