In my state of Illinois , my license expired on 03/31 . Trying to reach the state DNR for information ,of ANY kind, is an effort in futility. SO, i turn to y'all who may have a "dog in a similar race". Here in Illinois ALL (?) auto registration, drivers licenses,FOID, CCL licenses expiration dates have been extended but no info on fishing.
The reason I ask, is that during a trail walk yesterday, I happened to peek into an inside arc of a drainage ditch and saw many somethings in the 15/20" range ( too sleek to be carp) looking upstream for sustenance (food too). Needless to say, I'll be there again today PREPARED, regardless the/my license status. If caught by the police, I'll play the "senior citizen" card .
So if anyone is familiar with my dilemma .............. Thanks