I am helping a friend sell some of her late husband's tying materials. To start we have three pieces of 100% legal polar bear (collected prior to the 1972 Marine Mammals Protection Act) fur. I realize this is not a common item for most but it is really good stuff to work with and extremely "fishy." Currently the going price for good hair is $10-20 per square inch.
Piece one is slightly shy of 2"x2" and the hair is very uniformly 2" long and very white... belly hair. Excellent tying hair. $25 shipped.
Piece two is 3" wide and averages 3" long. The hair is quite a bit longer and stiffer, probably the front of a fore leg. It is more yellow, but only a bit. Hair is 3-4" long. $45 shipped
Piece three is very white, slightly smaller than piece two, 2+" wide and 3+" long and tapers a bit. Very nice tying hair. softer than piece 2 and stiffer than 1. $45 shipped.

CA has banned all marine mammal parts regardless of Federal status, so no shipping to there.

Thanks for looking!