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    Like many of the folks here on FAOL, I have been using different types of eyelash yarn in my fly tying for a number of years. I found one variety that I thought I'd share with my fellow FAOL members. It is called Scrubby Sparkle yarn and I found iut at JoAnns, but I imagine it is available a number of other places. I really like all black leech patterns, especially for big Bluegill. This material makes it super easy to whip out a couple of what I am calling Scrubby Leeches in just a few minutes. What makes this material a bit different to most synthetic yarns is that all the material is on one side of the yarn, making it extremely easy to use and make nice bushy leeches that Bluegill love. Just thought I'd share this material to help my fellow FAOL members who are locked inside their homes binge watching Netflicks to try something new out in preparation for the spring season. Scrubby Leech.JPG

    Jim Smith
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