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    Lately, the commons have been tight-lipped for me. Might have to down-size on the patterns. I get follows, but no commitals. However, we've been having some luck with a simple guide fly my fishing buddy thought of. I dubbed it Aaron's Grassy Killer, but still waiting on his "official" name. If you find a feeding grassy, all you have to do is have the fly land within 12" of it's head, then wait until you can't see the fly anymore, then set the hook.

    The following are from the time period shortly after the riots in Omaha, and on. Hope everyone's season is going well. Tight lines!

    R&R Common

    Aaron's Grassy Killer Fly - Test In Progress

    Waiting For The Green To Disappear

    Grassy On The Feedbag

    Hook Test Complete
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