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Thread: Betty Hiner " 2006 Klutz award................." second runner up.

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    Smile Betty Hiner " 2006 Klutz award................." second runner up.

    Hey Betty,
    I just ran across an article you authored near 1996 that tugged at my Wyoming heartstrings. Apparently one of FAOL's competitive sites GOTC ran a "contest" to choose the number one fishing related KLUTZ from among it's subscribers. Apparently and sadly you only captured the "runner-up" second place recognition based on a wonderful tale of fly fishing woe. Written as if inspired by John Grisham . Since it covers the Laramie, Centennial and Snowy Range area of Wyoming , where I too roamed and sought my scholorship at UW, it's streams, ponds and glacial lakes whose names you mentioned and caused a tear of fond memory, I immediately consumed and savored EVERY word of it. SO..................I THANK YOU for that.
    And now, if you are able, legally etc, share this gem with all of us here at FAOL. I was about to cut and paste and post it here but I noticed it is protected under copyright which precludes that action.
    If you could do this, I'm SURE we'd all appreciate one of the BEST adventures ever published herein.

    PS: Also do mention the "speed trap"
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    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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