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    Default Sharing Knowledge , Wood is Good

    Been working wood and copper smithing for a long while, keeps me busy and happy on my day off.
    To some it may be just a pile of scraps and that is all well and good.
    But as for me wood is good

    This wooden tool chest I crafted from an old water tank a good friend gave me.
    I modeled it for my Son after his grandfathers kennedy tool chest..
    Redwood , purple heart and copper.

    Just thought some fly fishing craftsmen might be interested.

    Shown above - Family Crest"
    My Grandfathers Gold railroad pin
    in front of a Purple Heart Stake with Thin Blue Line
    Gathered between silver forged letters
    mounted on a Granite and copper frame base...

    Side note:
    I perfected a known process to etch the copper to add lettering & patina .
    Uses salt , standard black & white laser printer, with a touch of corn meal baked to a golden brown to
    make dextrin.. The process involves baking and cooking the cornmeal to form a coating that is applied to
    printer paper once dry you print the image or lettering to make a resist for the electro etching process.
    Then Iron on the resist to the copper piece. Its take a while to get it just right , but worth it.
    and the process is [u]much more friendly to work with over harsh chemicals used with other methods.

    The black laser ink is attached with heat to stick to the copper forming an insulator ( a resist ) the
    etching process now eats away at the copper leaving raised letters that will buffed afterwards.

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