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    Get someone to watch you to make sure that your are doing what you think you are doing.

    I am so glad your brought that up...

    Our local park is oriented east west
    in full Sun and on the grass my shadow can nicely be seen
    Shadow Casting is what I call it, I read it some where.

    It is amazing the difference it makes to see your shadow
    To plainly see line, rod and your arm in motion
    is a huge advantage , especially with your timing rhythm
    I pay attention to the arm and wrist , rod loading ,
    abrupt stops/drift and the horizontal plane..
    Your able to see exactly what the line is doing.

    Make a note of what you want to look at,
    Put it in your fishing vest to have it on the water..
    You will forget everything on the water
    , that is the reason
    to practice and develop casting muscle memory.

    A good practice session can be 20 minutes or so and a good time.
    Casting is an intuitive game that once learned is hard to undo and
    so easy to love

    Picking leafs out of trees is good good fun practice, I know some one here has done
    it , it leads to worry free casting in the woods but I digress as normal...

    Oldster thanks good catch !
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