I realize these aren't big fish. It is what it is...I'm not fishing my preferred waters....just fishing public water nearby, and catching what is there.
The cool thing is that in a couple hours of flyfishing this evening, I caught 8 species of fish. I don't know if I've ever caught that many at one place before....or even in one day! 5 species is a good day, 6 species is an amazing day from my experience. So....8? Say what??
I caught Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Hybrid Sunfish, White Crappie, Black Bullhead, Channel Catfish, and Goldfish. If the size was unsatisfying, the variety knocked it out of the park.
I liked the "tiger stripes" on this little Green Sunfish:

These Black Bullheads were surprisingly strong:

This seemed like the largest catfish out of these ponds so far. I think I read they were just stocked in the pond in late summer of 2018.

This was an interesting Bronze and White Comet Goldfish with some small spots of orange. Catching these things has me learning a little more about goldfish than I knew before...Comet Goldfish have the longer tail fins, and the other fins tend to be longer than normal as well. This one was long enough, then, to become my new PB Goldfish at 13.5".