Not crazy about the shade of olive on the tail and collar but this was more to establish the tying sequence; I?ll try something else next go-round.

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 olive
tail - pheasant rump dyed olive
rib - Uni Stretch yellow
body - hare?s ear dyed olive
underwing - CdC dark dun
overwing/head - deer hair dyed dun
collar - sharptail grouse dyed olive

Part 1

Start thread at head

Clean, stack, measure (hook length) a clump of deer hair; trim to length, tie in on top of hook shank (don?t let it spin)

Wrap thread to bend; strip some fibers off a pheasant rump feather, measure (shank length), tie in

Tie in rib

Dub thread/dub body up to deer hair butts

Counterwrap rib; tie off/trim