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Were these catches expected? A bit alarming that people have released goldfish into the ponds. How do they fight? Cheers!
Sort of expected. Back around 15 years ago when these 2 ponds were fairly new, they had clear water. I saw the hundreds of goldfish there. The ponds are owned by the City. Since this is a park next to a library, the City may have been the ones who put the goldfish in there. If people would have tossed out their pet goldfish they no longer wanted, there wouldn't have been THAT MANY goldfish in the ponds, that's what makes me wonder if the City stocked them intentionally for ornamental reasons.

Anyway...flash forward to the present, those goldfish have grown to substantial size. I'd heard of other people catching some of the big Goldfish over the past few years. I tried it once a year or two ago, but didn't catch any. But now I'm temporarily (like, for just a few more days) living right next to it, so I've been flyfishing it often for the past couple months. The water is stained, so I can't see any of these fish, unless they jump/splash on the surface. It would be SO MUCH EASIER AND FUN if I could spot them and target them.

The fight is usually good, these fish feel heavy on the line! I had a couple that didn't fight much, but every fish has a personality. They are fun to catch, and the colors can be stunning!