Latch hook tool makes it very easy to tie PT barbs for bug legs. The trick is leaving the barbs ON the feather shaft while tying. It gives you something to pull against and makes putting the knot EXACTLY where you want it easy. The link is only the cheapest I could find, probably not the best. m_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=US&_force _currency_code=USD&pid=googleadwords_int&c=%7Bcamp aignId%7D&ad_cid=58a184923620106c8d1c6509&ad_cc=US &ad_curr=USD&ad_price=0.93&campaign_id=7203534630& gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2bf_gNGn6QIVJBh9Ch0KZgFqEAQYBCAB EgJ97vD_BwE&share=web

t is also the right tool for tying the Shorb knot on furled leaders.