... slow this spring.

But today, on the live camera feed, there are a bunch of kestrel chicks in the Sanfoin Bench Kestrel nest, and two new eggs in the Sanfoin Osprey Nest.

The kestrels have not done well the past two years, with some kind of predation of the chicks two years ago and a die off last year, with no suvivors.

Last year, the Sanfoin Osprey Nest had a couple eggs, which the parents abandoned early on. But so far they're looking pretty good this spring.

The couple on the Osprey Nest South have apparently abandoned their nest this spring, with no sightings or activity for several days now.

On the other hand, the Osprey Nest North couple have produced two healthy chicks each of the past two years, and looks to be on track this year.