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Thread: Explaining the Stimulus Package

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    Default Explaining the Stimulus Package

    Picture a small town: Tourist walks into the hotel, approaches the front desk, drops a $100 bill on the desk and states he wants to go upstairs first and check out the rooms. The hotel clerk grabs the $100 bill and runs out to pay his butcher, the butcher takes the $100 runs out to pay his pig farmer, the pig farmer takes the $100 runs out to pay the Co-Op, the Co-Op manager takes the $100 runs out to pay his debt to the local lady of "repute", the local lady takes the $100 runs out to pay her hotel room bill and puts the $100 bill on the clerks desk. Meanwhile the tourist comes back down the stairs and finding the rooms unsatisfactory, grabs the $100 bill and leaves.
    Nobody lost any money, everyone's happy and the town is debt free . Is ANY PART of this hard to understand?

    PS: How could I forget?.....HAPPY EASTER to all ( and it ain't about the bunny )
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    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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