Thanks Everyone for the kind words!

Scott - I hear you on the light. Was using natural light supplemented with a couple of inexpensive IKEA LED lights. Was going to add my OTT light but after setting up everything I couldn't remember where I stashed mine. Have since located it. Will try with more and better quality lights for next go round. I was more surprised that my cheepo camera actual did a half decent job of taking macro photos!

Greg - Comparaduns aren't as hard as the look. Once you get a handle on how big a clump of hair to use they're really not that tough. The real key is using good quality hair suitable for comparaduns. This is my go to tutorial on how to tie this style fly.

John - You're too kind and way too critical of your own skills. Still have that great HEX you gave out at your place a couple of years ago. You're way better than you give yourself credit for! Given the current situation Michigan is still up in the air for me. I'll let you know when the madness settles down on my plan for the Fish-In!

Everyone else, thanks again. When I get some new stuff tied up for later this season (if there is a chance to travel again this year!) I'll post some more.