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    If you ever want to know just how much fly tying material you have amassed over the years, try packing up to move to a new house. I've been using woman's synthetic hair wigs for a variety patterns over the years. I would buy the wigs at my local Goodwill stores when I came across them. Well, now that I'm moving, I find that I have gone "slightly" overboard with wigs, especially when you consider that you can usually get between 100 and 200 flies out of a single wig depending on the patterns. I have 55 wigs that I would like to sell. They are a wide variety of colors from bright blue, to red, to blond, white, black, golden, etc., etc., etc. They're straight, braided, kinky, etc. They make great flies for anything that eats other fish or critters such as Bass, Pike, or saltwater species. Because the material is synthetic, it doesn't absorb water, so these flies are not like casting a wet sock. I will sell all 42 of them for $40
    shipped to your door in the U.S. This will keep you tying for many years. Here's a photo of a few patterns I use them for. Please PM me if you're interested.Wigs and Flies.JPG

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