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    Default Senter Teacher (Extended Body) SBS

    This version of the original provides more floatation with less iron. The underbody, optional, cuts down on thread torque while wrapping the body.

    hook - WFC Model 28 #10
    thread - UTC 140 black
    core - 8lb mono
    underbody - moose body hair
    body - deer hair
    hackle - grizzly

    Part 1

    Make a loop in a length of mono

    Brush shank with Super Glue; start thread/tie in mono

    Clean/stack a clump of moose hair; trim butts/tie in

    Hook loop end of mono onto gallows

    Wrap up the mono and back; trim tips just above last wrap

    Clean, stack, measure (tips longer than underbody) a clump of deer hair

    Trim butts/tie in

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