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Thread: T&T 10 wt, 9 1/2 ft 2 piece. With Ross CLA, 6

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    Default T&T 10 wt, 9 1/2 ft 2 piece. With Ross CLA, 6

    Nice salmon rod and reel, although I have it set up for pike and musky, with new SA, Titan wf10f line and 250 yards of backing, also an excellent tarpon outfit.
    Rod comes with original t&t sack and tube, the Ross reel comes with original neoprene reel case.
    Rod is the HS9610, 9 1/2 ft, 10 wt. I hope pics turn ok, but if not I can email them. I usually use 4 piece rods for the convenience, but I like a 2 piece for bigger fish.
    I would like to trade for a 3wt combo, same quality, it doesn't have to be t&t, but that would be nice. I saw an orvis helios 3 wt, 8 1/2 ft med action, but let me know what you have. When this T&T was bought it was a premium rod, and the reel is amazing you could stop a train with it
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