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Thread: Doug Swisher material identification help

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    Default Doug Swisher material identification help

    Hello All,

    Need some help identifying some tying material.

    A friend gave me a piece of Doug Swishers Tasmanian Devil hair ; Nice stuff , amazing volume !

    Evidently it is not from the Australian animal, much to thick and long.

    It looks a heck of a lot like Islandic sheep.

    Does anyone know what it really is ?

    Would like to pick up some more for streamers, and saltwater minnow patterns.

    Have a fantastic weekend !


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    I doubt it really is Tasmanian Devil hair, since the Tasmanian Devil is an endangered species. Might be Australian possum hair. A friend from New Zealand sent me some several years ago. In New Zealand they are considered a pest and can be hunted. They are protected in Australia. I still think I have it somewhere. I'll see if I can find it.

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    Hey Philly,

    It is defiantly not Aussi possum.
    I love tying with Aussi possum, I have a whole bunch, makes amazing nymphs, and absolutely gorgeous casual dress nymphs.
    It dyes really nicely.

    What is labeled as Taz fur, is not from the animal of the same name.
    It much much longer, and denser.

    Still wondering what it is?
    I ordered some Icelandic sheep fur ( AKA ; streamer hair ) to see if they are identical.
    When it comes in, I will compare them, and give a comeback of my findings.

    Happy Superbowl, or fly tying day !

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