Thanks Betty. And I told y'all it was a GREAT tale .
Betty did however not mention the "speed trap" so I'll take the liberty.
Coming into Centennial off the Snowy Range ( speeding down the mountain into town with OVERHEATED brakes at 80 mph) there suddenly appears a speed sign with plain BLOCK letters and numerals with "SPEED LIMIT 35". A bit too late to heave the anchor so you coast down to 65 and suddenly about 150 yards ahead, the dreaded BLACK and WHITE parked," obviously" with radar gun pointed directly at your only car on the road. . So NOW you apply foot brake pressure equal to like avoiding a suddenly appearing deer in your lane. Cross your fingers as you whiz by the BLACK and WHITE, a beat up windowless , 4 flat tires ,paint brush and roller painted with two Hills Bros red coffee cans as flashers 59 Ford. Well, needless to say your heartbeat calms back from 800 bpm to more or less normal and pull to the side of the road to take a pic as did I laying on the hood with a raised beer can. Memories are made of this!