Went out at 9:30am today and fished on a stretch I had always looked at but never fished.
The farmer was very friendly and told me exactly where to start. He put in a request for 2 browns for the grill.

The very first place I tried I was rocked by a monster on the surface and got a good look at it. It was huge. A return trip is in order.

The next corner I had another big on but only for about 2 second. I felt its power and then it was off.

I went to where the cows crossed and decide that just upstream from where they cross looked like a good hide.

First cast I caught this long female with a giant tail. Add about five inches to this one and you have the one that rocked me on the surface.

I fished up to the bridge and walked to the farmer's house and gave him a couple I harvested for him. It was a short stretch and I only landed 9 there.

The farmer was happy with the fish I gave him he told me about a stretch he owned downstream.

It was bigger water in a well groomed pasture. I got really excited and visualized monsters. I fished there from 11:45am to 1pm and landed only three trout.

I caught this brookie on the large water. It had gill lice. I need to fish this stretch early morning on a cloudy day....there has to be bigguns here....It screams bigguns.