Trip Report "Big Male Brookie"

Was on the water at 5:42am this morning. Went to the stretch with the bathing cows the last time. No cows in the stream. I walked all the way to the Kickapoo River and fished back to the vehicle.

Two hours later and quite disappointed 2 small browns to hand.

The stream Gary Peters caught his tiger on was close so off I went.

This stream was my best brook trout stream back in the day. It was nothing to score 100 brookies in an outing here 15 years ago. Gill lice and competition with browns had really put a damper on my best brookie stream. The last 5 times there I did not even catch a brookie.

It seemed like ground hogs days and all I was catching was little browns.

I tallied 45 browns today. All on the small side. Near the end of the outing I landed a small brookie and was happy as a clam when I examined it and there were no gill lice.

I fired right back in there and wham!

My net opening is 15.5 inches and he went about an inch past it.

No gill lice also. My biggest male brookie was 15.5 inches and this broke that. My biggest brookie ever was 17 3/4 inch female.

I am very happy no gill lice here!!!