Trip Report "Unusual" and "Wow"

The overcast skies and cool temperatures drew me to the stream. I targeted a trout I had chase my lure and slightly kiss it and off it went in early spring.

69 degrees outside and water temp 62 at noon when I began.

First cast on stream was hammered and the fish came screaming downstream at me. I had to reel really quickly to keep up with it. As it swam past me I saw about a 20 inch hammer handle pike..... landed it and released it. Next cast was a 10 inch brookie. 10 minutes later I was up to a dozen trout and then I landed a small mouth bass.

I got up to where the springs feed into the stream and scored my first photo worthy brown.

I scored a few more and one more photo worthy.

My thirtieth trout was a wow trout. It ran down stream like its tail was on fire. I turned it after I tightened my drag.

I always look for a landing zone prior to making a cast and this time was the same. I worked to the edge and went in the water for this one. I was not wearing waders. This one was worth getting wet for. My cellphone is always in a zip lock bag so I waded right in. My wallet is drying as I type.

It alligator rolled as I netted it and broke the line. This stretch has regulations of 2 under 12 inches only to encourage large trout longevity. I snapped a couple photos and sent him on his way.

Longest trout of the year with an enormous kype. I could not get all of the trout in the photo with an out stretched arm...that means big in my book. I did not measure it.

I was only half way done with the stretch but decided I was done. I walked back to the vehicle.