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I shared this on a FB group and thought I'd share it here as well since I know many people do not frequent FB.
Like many folks here, I am always on the lookout for different materials to use at the bench, either for tying flies or for making the process easier. A number of years ago, I "discovered" a material called Super Floss by Oral-B. This is a floss used by people who have permanently installed dentures and need to get the floss underneath them to floss. This material has a stiff nylon end to facilitate that process followed by about 4 inches of soft spongy, absorbent material. This product is absolutely the very best solution I have found for those times when a bit of head cement or UV epoxy gets into the eye of a hook. When that happens, I simply insert the stiff nylon tip through the eye of the hook and make a quick swipe with the spongy material. In less than ten seconds, the eye is completely clean and you're back in business. I keep a piece of this material tied to the stem of my vise so it is always handy. No more stopping to find a small feather or any of the other old solutions. It costs about $2 for a package of 50 of these Super Floss strips and each strip lasts me a year or more. Just thought I'd share something that I have found very helpful at the bench.Attachment 15422
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